Completion of first explosive demolition at Rugeley Power Station

Demolition contractor Brown and Mason has successfully completed the first  controlled collapse event using explosives at the Rugeley Power Station site. Brown and Mason are carrying out demolition works on behalf of Rugeley Power Station owner ENGIE.

The explosive demolition, which took place on Thursday 14th February, brought down the large ductwork system that served the former power station’s flue gas desulphurisation plant. Constructed mainly of steel, the ductwork structure was approximately 160m long, 7.7m wide and 32m high.

The blowdown event, which was scheduled to take place around 10am, was delayed for a short time by demolition experts to allow fog to clear on-site – and was completed at 11am. The collapsed structure is now being safely cleared by the Brown and Mason team.

Prior to the event an exclusion zone was put in place, well within the power station boundary, ensuring there was no public access, and no impact on the local road network.

The other main structures, including boiler house, chimney and cooling cowers are scheduled for controlled collapse through the remainder of 2020. The complete demolition of the site is expected in 2021.